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Wellness Gift Guide

The holiday season is in full swing! To make your life easier, here are a few of my favorite gifts for everyone on your list.

For the biohacker:

give the gift of data, this monitor tracks blood glucose levels 24/7. Using the user friendly Nutrisense app, you can track food and fitness, gaining incredible insights to your own body’s function.

Use code CHAR for $25 off.

WHOOP – using advanced sensors and LED lights this waterproof band gives 24/7 insight to your body’s level of recovery, strain, and sleep. This is a vital tool for anyone looking to balance their fitness gains and recovery.

WHOOP Monthly Membership $30

For the surfer:

Ebb & Flo Balance Board – train all year long with this stunning and effective balance board. Ebb and Flo rail-to-rail design simulates trimming and carving down the face of a wave.

Ebb& Flo Classic Log $199

Higher Dose Infrared Blanket – soothe sore muscles and center your mind during a infarered session.

Higher Dose Blanket, $499

For the Quarantine Queen:

Emu Slippers – stay cozy all day long in these cute and comfortable slippers.

Mayberry Slipper, $60

Vitruvi Diffuser – customize your own essential oil blends and enjoy their soothing scents all day and night.

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser, $119

For the home office:

Coop Chair Support – support proper spinal alignment for less pain after the workday is over. This chair coushin and lumbar support are an absolute game changer!

Coop Chair Bundle, $39

Blue Light Blocking Glasses – improve sleep and melatonin production by filtering out blue light from computers, tablets, and phones.

Felix Gray Sleep Glasses, $145

For the foodie:

Seedly – enhance your snack game with highly nutritious heirloom seeds from Seedly. Their bars, crumbles, and butters are an incredible addition to every meal.

Seedly, $12-$32

Microgreen Grow Kit – give the gift of fresh greens. This microgreen grow kit is easy and stylish.

Hamama Microgreen Grow Kit, $39

For the little foodie:

Nutsola – it’s not granola, it’s Nutsola and possibilities are endless. Use these flavorful combinations on top of smoothie bowls, in baking recipes, or right out of the bag.

Nutsola, $39 for 4 bags

Taco Holder – who doesn’t want a dinosaur to hold their tacos. Have fun in the kitchen creating fun and exciting taco combinations and serve in this dino holder.

Dinosaur Taco Holder, $20

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