Fed up with dieting, food fads, and confusing nutrition labels?  - Me too!

As an integrative and clinical nutritionist, I look for the root cause of dysfunction and address it with both diet and lifestyle adjustments. My approach looks at both past and present health history as well as sleep quality, physical activity, and stress levels. I believe in working as a team with clients and their practitioners to develop a holistic plan.

Strategies are always tailored to each individual to provide ease in implementation and ultimately success in achieving goals.

Additionally, my integrative and functional training certification has equipped me with the skills to evaluate lab work and testing.

This three week program is designed to jump start your journey or even get you back on track!


This six week program is designed to implement lasting changes and help you reach and sustain your health goals.


This three month program is designed to identify food intolerances, transform eating habits, and create sustainable life changes.


Out with the old and in with the new! You will learn how to select healthful foods to stock your pantry.

pantry clean out

Learn how to be efficient and empowered in the grocery store. We will cover selecting produce, how to decode labels, and avoid marketing pitfalls. 

grocery store tour

Customized to your needs, clean eating, microbiome health, and skin care are just a few topics I can cover in half hour and hour sessions. 


a la carte

Initial Consultation 

Follow up - 1 hour 

Follow up - 1/2 hour 

Virtual and In Home Appointments 

Private and Semi-Private Yoga Instruction

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