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Travel Snacks

When traveling, whether is it by train, plane, or car, you will most likely experience some sort of dehydration, fatigue, and lack of nutrients. Here are my top three things to focus on when traveling this holiday season.

1. Pack fresh fruits and vegetables– if you are in the car, it is easy to pack a cooler with berries, hummus, guacamole, and carrot sticks. These fresh foods contain lots of fiber, water, and nutrients, which help combat the many perils of travel. If you cannot pack a full cooler, a small lunch box will do, or pack nonperishables like oranges, apples, and bananas.

2. Skip the coffee- Due to time changes, odd or even long hours we can feel fatigued. It is easy to reach for yet another rest stop coffee, however at the end of the day, this might not do you any good. Choosing other options like green tea or ice-cold water, can wake you up, and will not result in the classic caffeine crash. Matcha, which is available at most coffee shops is a powdered form of green tea, that contains some caffeine along with amino acids and antioxidants to keep you feeling your best.

3. Skip the processed foods– it may seem easy to run through a drive through or scarf down another granola bar for the sake of time, however not designating meal times and skipping out on whole foods may mess you up in the long run. Surprisingly, the first step to digestion begins in our eyes and nose, where we begin to sense and anticipate food. The body uses these signals to begin producing stomach acid, enzymes, and preparing the body for the digestive process. When we give this process the time it deserves we extract more nutrients and benefit the most from our food.

Giving yourself plenty of time, packing snacks, and planning stops are all very easy ways to ensure your body will be fed properly. In turn this reduces symptoms of dehydration, improper digestion (i.e. bloating and gas), and fatigue.

My favorite travel snacks:




Bone broth

Kind Bar

Trail mix

Non-GMO popcorn


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