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Top 5 Tips for Crushing Cravings

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Working from home can seriously impact your routine. Digestion may be slower, motivation may be lower, and proximity to the kitchen makes things very difficult. Snacking has been a common concern the past few weeks with many of my clients. So how do we rise above these cravings and focus on nutrient dense foods?

1. Water – in some cases our body initiates a hunger signal when it is actually thirsty. This is especially true if you have just eaten and feel hungry shortly after. If plain water isn’t appetizing, try adding lemon or a little cucumber, ginger, and mint to spice it up.

2. Jumping Jacks – sugar cravings are a cry for dopamine in the brain, the body knows sugar is the fastest way to get it, so it makes you reach for the candy bar. Instead try 50 jumping jacks, physical activity gets the blood moving and can quench dopamine cravings.

3. Hug – true meaningful hug that last 20 seconds or longer has been shown to boost oxytocin which increases happiness and decreases stress. If you stress eat this is a fantastic way to reduce self-soothing with food.

4. Cardamom Pods – sucking on a cardamom pod is quick and easy way to reduce sugar cravings. Compounds in the pod hit the same dopamine reward system that is asking for sugar. Once you feel the craving melt away, just spit it out!

5. Triggers – when we understand where our craving are coming from, it gives us more control and compassion when they pop up. Triggers can come from anywhere, a stressful conversation, a TV commercial, or a simple scent. Take the time to pause and notice what is happening in your body when a craving comes up.

If you need more help addressing cravings or adjusting to your new WFH lifestyle, feel free to give me a call to set up an appointment!

Disclaimer: Links to Amazon are for products I fully endorse. With Amazon affiliate links I earn a small commission through your purchase.

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