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Top 5 Benefits of Water Lentils

1. Digestive Support

Water lentils contain 3 g of fiber per scoop. Fiber is essential because it’s the food for the bacteria that live in our gut. The microbiome is responsible for the production of neurotransmitters and it houses more than half of our immune system. When the biome is out of balance one may experience digestive IBS like symptoms. The nutrient content is supportive of a strong digestive system. The amino acids (arginine, glycine, lysine, threonine) as well as vitamin A and zinc are all known to strengthen the lining of the digestive tract, which may improve absorption of nutrients and transit time.

2. Inflammation

Inflammation in the body can stem from a low concentration of antioxidants, which allows for increased free radical activity and cellular damage. Consuming a diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables is one way to increase the consumption of antioxidants. Additionally, dietary supplements can also accelerate the process and make it easier to obtain all the antioxidants you need! One scoop of water lentils contains 26 mg GAE, which stands for gallic acid equivalents and is a way to measure antioxidantcapacity. To put this into perspective, one cup of green tea also contains 26 mg GAE making water lentil powder a great source of antioxidants. Additionally, water lentils contain omega-3 fatty acids, promote anti-inflammatory pathways in the body.

3. Eye Health

Lutein and zeaxanthin are the two known carotenoids that specifically support the health of our eyes. They are able to filter out the blue wavelengths and protect cells in the retina of the eye. Water lentils contain both of these carotenoids!

4. Cardiovascular Health

Polyphenols are known mostly for their roll in reducing the signs of aging. However, they are also highly protective to the heart and cardiovascular system. Polyphenols are commonly found in turmeric, olive oil, red wine, and berries. Additionally, there is a high concentration in water lentils! One scoop in your daily smoothie may help to limit the effects of cellular aging on the cardiovascular system.

5. Promotes Detoxification

The fiber content of water lentils is not just helpful for digestion. Consuming 25-35 g of fiber in a day can help to draw out excess toxins, hormones, and cholesterol. With 3 g per scoop and endless possibilities to incorporate, water lentils are a great addition to a detoxification protocol.

Overall, water lentils are a fantastic addition to any diet. They are a high source of iron, calcium, and vitamin A and a are good source of zinc and phosphorus. In combination with the fiber, polyphenol, and antioxidant content, water lentils may support healthy cellular function, which can lead to increased energy and overall improved quality of life!

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