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The thrive method:


Welcome to Thrive East! 

I am Charlotte Abbate, Certified Nutrition Specialist and Certified Dietitian Nutritionist. I specialize in working with people who are feeling burnt out, bloated, and stuck on the blood sugar roller coaster.

Over the past five years I have developed the Thrive Method to help hundreds of clients feel more energetic and satisfied from their food. I have supported both men and women on breaking the cycle of diet culture and find an eating pattern that works specifically for them.


I am ready and excited to support you on your health journey, please take a look around and don't hesitate to reach out. If you would like to schedule a free intro call just click below. 

What Clients Are Saying:

"Charlotte has changed my life. Her knowledge of nutrition and what the body needs to heal itself is remarkable"

why nutrition?

Food provides the building blocks to our biology. With proper nutrition, digestive function, and lifestyle support our cells will have the materials they need to create energy. This leads to waking up rested, adding extra weight to your workout, clearer thinking, and more quality time with your family.

At Thrive East Nutrition we focus on what you eat, how you eat it, and ultimately how you are resting your body. We use one on one nutrition coaching, meal planning services, and food journal monitoring to help you reach your goals and create new habits. 

Restriction, elimination, and dieting are not in our vocabulary. We focus on food diversity, abundance, and flavor! Get ready to have fun in the kitchen, get excited to go to the grocery store, and to finally feel amazing in your body!

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